1. lomographicsociety:

    Ossian Brown’s ‘Haunted Air’

    We know summer has just arrived and we’re still a few months away from the holiday we’re about to feature here, but allow us to give you the chills through this macabre series of vintage Halloween photographs collated by artist and musician Ossian Brown. 


  4. fer1972:

    Today’s Classic: Solomon Joseph Solomon (1860-1927)

    1. Ajax and Cassandra

    2. Eve

    3. St. George

    4. Samson

  5. fer1972:

    Today’s Classic: The Macabre Valère Bernard (1860-1936)

  7. fer1972:

    Today’s Classic: The Macabre Illustrations of Félicien Rops(1833-1898)

    1. Human Parody

    2. The Sphinx Frontis For Les Diaboliques

    3. Sentimental Initiation

    4. Satan Sowing Seeds

    5. Kisses of Death

  8. fer1972:

    Today’s Classic: The Atmosferic Paintings of John Atkinson Grimshaw (1836-1893)

  9. fer1972:

    Failed Memory by David Szauder

  10. fer1972:

    Today’s Classic: Saturn devouring his Son 

    1. By Peter Peter Paul Rubens (1636)
    2. By Francisco Goya (1819-1823) 

    Which one do you like most?